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Name: Kate

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Young Justice | AU

Selim Iah Kyle-Ajam || Panther || Nightrunner || Nightcat

Timeline: Post Young Justice: Invasion

Description of World:

Earth-16 Timeline

Young Justice centers around Earth-16, one of 52 alternate universes that make up the DC comics universe. Earth-16 is home to a variety of Meta-Humans (humans with super powers ranging from telepathy, to super speed, to super sonic screams and beyond), aliens, gods/demi-gods, magic users, demons, Atlantians, and various other heroes and villains, as well as futuristic technology such as cloning, Zeta tubes (portals that allow instantaneous travel between two points), and other alien technologies.

A group of heroes teamed up in February 2003 to defeat the Seven Appellaxians, an invading alien force. This group of heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) formed the Justice League with the goal to protect Earth and its people from whatever or whoever might try to threaten it.

By 2010 the League had greatly expanded and many of the heroes in the League had started to train sidekicks. Some of these sidekicks (Robin/Nightwing, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian) formed the Team to work with as well as independently of the League. Over the years they gained their own reputation and became a training ground for future League members.

However even with the League, the Team and various other independent heroes, villains and neutral agents were still able to thrive. Some villains formed teams (The Injustice League, the Light) to fight against the heroes, while others continued to go solo. The Light, a group of super villains (Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Brain, Klarion, and Black Manta), were responsible for putting Earth in danger a number of times. They began kidnapping and cloning heroes, including Speedy/Arsenal and Superman. Ra's al Ghul sent his personal troupe of assassins, the League of Shadows, on various missions including assassinations of important business and world leaders, kidnapping, and grand larceny. While the other members helped facilitate the acceleration of the evolution of the human race in order to help Earth take its rightful place in the universe.

Even though the world is often put in danger and saved by super villains and heroes, the majourity of people on Earth do not have the 'Meta-Gene' which enables super human abilities. While most of these people are content to live their normal lives, some fight crime, others commit crimes and still others seem content to make their own way in the world.

Personality: Selim is bright and quick thinking. He loves a challenge and will push himself to succeed whenever he can. He's fun loving, and a bit of an attention seeker, though his busy life keeps him from having many long term friends. He is very friendly to everyone he meets, and teasing to those he likes and his few friends. He loves physical contact, and doesn't think twice about giving a friend a hug or cuddling up on the couch with someone. Selim is also a very loving person, even with his slightly grey morals, he never aims to hurt innocent people. For that matter, he only uses force to defend himself or an innocent, or to fight criminals and villains. While he doesn't consider himself a Robin Hood imitator, he continues to lean more and more in that direction. He takes his work for his mother's company, his gymnastics and his crime fighting very seriously, but doesn't let that spoil the fun he has while doing those things.

He's goal driven, and doesn't let himself give up. He knows that while he's only human, he is perfectly capable of achieving his goals, to the point of being a bit cocky about his abilities. Selim's no genius, but he still manages to get top marks in school and isn't about to let anyone forget about his hard work. He's gotten very good at managing his time over the years in order to make time for school, gymnastics and his nighttime activities. He greatly admires his mother, Batman and other heroes, and hopes to some day be on their level. Though his relationship with his father and siblings is a bit strained, since they do not understand the desire to run around rooftops in costume. He loves them, but growing up on the other side of the world from them has resulted in them being almost strangers. One thing that he's afraid of is losing his mother, especially being part of the reason why.

Selim's determination and cocky attitude can sometimes get him into trouble when it comes to his nighttime activities. He sometimes does not account for the fact that his abilities are limited to what a human is capable of while his adversaries are often super-human. This is when his anger and protectiveness is most apparent. Even though he doesn't think about it often, he is frustrated by his mere human limitations and the fact that it sometimes hinders his ability to fight crime and keep up with what other heroes are able to do. But the one thing he actually hates is when people are taken advantage of.

As a young hero, Selim has potential. He fights for the right reasons, cares about the common man and generally wants to protect the human race. He may not enjoy the cuts and bruises that come with the job, but he enjoys the job. Selim always tries to do his best and a lot of the time that's what counts.

With the rise of super heroes came the rise of super villains and super thieves. Selim's mother Selina Kyle first took up stealing at age 14 in order to survive on the hard streets of Gotham. She took on the mantel of Catwoman and was soon well known in the Gotham underworld as a master thief. Two years later marked her first run in with Batman, though she didn't throw in the towel until after the Justice League was formed. With over 5 years of crime under her belt she'd amassed a small fortune which she decided to invest it in a security consulting firm in the Middle East. Selina met Javed Ajam at the security firm and they quickly entered a relationship, were married and started their own firm based in Gotham City. After being married a year, Selina gave birth to twins, Aytac and Ilkay Kyle-Ajam. Another two years later Selina gave birth to Selim Iah Kyle-Ajam. However tension between Selina's nighttime activities, her assistance to Batman and the League and her husband grew and they separated when Selim was 3. Javed took the twins with him to live in Qurac and start international branches of their security firm (Kyle-Ajam Security), while Selina kept Selim in Gotham with her.

During summer vacations Selim visited his father, though he never looked forward to the visits. He was much more interested in hearing about his mother's 'adventures' as Catwoman and following the exploits of the League and the Team. He started gymnastics at a very young age, wanting to be like his mother and eventually wanting to take up a mantel of his own. The young aspiring hero even went so far as to attempt to sneak into the Team's hideout several times. He didn't exactly succeed, getting caught before he was able to make it past the air vents, but he was never deterred and enjoyed every moment he got to spend with the Team, even if he was in trouble.

Since his mother had dealings with the Wayne family, Selim grew up attending Bruce Wayne's parties and other society functions with his mother. Eventually he put together the identities of the Bat-Family, with a little help  from his mother's files. But he never disclosed the fact that he knew the Detective's identity, or the identities of his wards. Selim couldn't have been happier when it was discovered that Bruce had a son only a year younger than himself and that Damian would be living with the Gotham millionaire. He was excited to finally meet one of the Waynes that was his age. While he was a friendly and active kid, he did have a harder time connecting with other kids his age. He was always much more interested in his gymnastics or which hero had beaten a new foe. So he hoped that he would be able to make fast friends with Damian. But the youngest Wayne was not an easy egg to crack.

At the age of 12, Selim began helping his mother test security systems for the family's firm. He took on the mantel Panther and dressed in a modernized, male version of his mother's Catwoman costume. Using her signature whip, computerized goggles and various other gadgets he joined the night life of Gotham as one of the security industry's best consultants. In other words, he learned to crack the toughest safes, hack the most sophisticated security systems and sneak into the best protected buildings in the city, all above board and legally. While his mother rarely leap off rooftops anymore, Selim was more than happy to do so. He managed to stay mostly under the police's radar, which was to his advantage as some of their clients were less than innocent. Even though the firm took criminals as clients Selim took on many of his mother's morals. Working in a world full of heroes and villains, Selim walked somewhere in the middle, trying to keep in the good graces of both sides. It didn't take too long for curiosity to get the better of him though.

Selina Kyle had always had a knack for sniffing out gems and artifacts being smuggled into the country. Selim was no different. Even with his first loyalties being with his family's company, he still had hopes of impressing the Team and some day being offered a place amoung the young heroes. So when he realized that Klarion was trying to sneak something into Gotham, Selim decided to stop him. With no powers of his own, Selim planned to steal the package before it could be delivered to one of Klarion's associates in Gotham. He managed to steal the package fairly easily, but it proved too easy. Klarion quickly tracked him down and demanded the return of the magical tablet. Unwilling to leave something potentially dangerous in the hands of one of the Team's adversaries, Selim smashed it, taking a handful of pieces with him as he made his escape. Klarion's angry rampage afterwards gained the Team's and the League's attention, prompting Batman to bring Selim in front of the collected teams. Selim explained the situation and handed over all but one of the pieces to Doctor Fate, but even his willingness to cooperate didn't seem to diffuse the tension. Some members of the teams were willing to look past his family history and his hobby, but others were not and he left disappointed that things had not gone better.

A few weeks later on what Selim thought was a routine job for a new client, Selim was cornered by Klarion. The Witch Boy had orchestrated a trap for him in hopes of learning the location of the missing fragments of the tablet. After torture didn't work, Klarion decided to just rid himself of the annoyance instead. Before he could make good on his threats to kill Selim though, Damian Wayne, dressed in an outfit reminiscent of Robin's came to his rescue. Once he'd recovered enough, Selim was brought, once again, in front of the Team and the League, along with his mother. The League suggested that he leave the country for some time and retire his alter-ego until Klarion could be dealt with. They gave Selim a charm that would hide him from magical means of detection and Selina made arrangements for him to go to France to live with his father and other siblings.

Agreeing to the League's terms, Selim transferred to a school in Pairs, telling his friends it was to study art history. It didn't take long for Selim to grow bored without his night life though and so he adopted the identity of Nightrunner and focused on fighting crime and stealing back what criminals had stolen. He spent two years living in Paris, going to school, competing in gymnastics and stopping criminals as Nightrunner. But he really wanted to finish school back in Gotham. After arguing with his parents, and Bruce for months on the subject, he finally convinced them  to let him move back to Gotham. He left is Nightrunner identity in Paris and started back at Gotham Academy just in time for Senior year.

Upon his return to Gotham, he chose a new costumed identity, Nightcat, and continued to fight crime. Shortly after his return, he ran into the new Robin while in the middle of a job. Selim was fairly certain it was Damian and decided to tease him. Their back and forth went on for a few months before Selim finally revealed that he knew Robin's identity. Meanwhile, at school, Selim had started to renew his friendship with Damian, taking no time in becoming Damian's best friend. After a few months, Nightcat is finally offered an invitation to join the Team, but Selim declines it, telling them to just call him when they needed his help, preferring to work solo or with Robin for now.

Abilities/Additional Notes:
Selim is a skilled gymnast and knows enough hand-to-hand combat to get himself out of trouble. He's well versed in technology, breaking and entering, safe cracking, hacking, stealth, gems, art, forgery and handing a bullwhip. He speaks English, French and Arabic fluently.

Advocate Note:

Sample Journal Post:
[Selim wasn't sure if he was going to get an answer, but it was worth a try after all. No harm in trying. Unless something bad happened because he'd gone and posted to a public network. No, it was better to just try. This way he'd be able to get a feel for the community and know how to act from then on. Making sure his mask is in place he turns on his 3Step.]

Hello, my name is Nightcat. I am looking for a hero named Robin. Please contact me when you are able.

[Okay, not so bad so far. Now to explain how the hell he knew Robin was there without giving himself away on what could be considered the evening news.]

I heard through the grapevine that you were here and I'd like to meet.

I'll send you a location marker once you've contacted me. Thank you.

Sample RP:
Alternate Dimension, or just another day for a vigilante?


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